Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Barbara | Project: 52 Women | Stamford, CT

Yesterday was Barbara's birthday. Last month she asked me not to reveal her contemporary glamour portraits until her birthday, so blame her for all this time that we've been seeing the rest of her photo shoot!

What I love about Barbara is the fact that she doesn't seem to know how good she looks. It wasn't until she saw the back of my camera [I had to show her that she truly looked like a hottie] that she finally relaxed and started acting like she knew what she was doing :D

This image right here is my absolute FAVORITE! Barbara looks FIERCE!

Check out Barbara's video slideshow, still + motion for some behind the scenes footage!


  1. Great job on these, you can really see her personality shining through! What a beautiful young woman. Also, fantastic makeup!

  2. Such a pretty girl!! I love the photos of her laughing, great job!