Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sneak Peek - Yuliya

I had the pleasure and honor of being one of the photographers at Pasha's famous "Shoot Out" a few weekends ago. It was my first time doing such a thing. What a rush! One of the best days of my photographic life :D Shooting models for 4 hours is fuuunnnnn!


Yuliya had a certain character about her that I liked. She seemed to be in her own little world, and exuded playful youth during the entire shoot. Here's a sneak peek at what went down at Studio 212 in NJ.


  1. Beautiful girl and nice shots!

  2. ahhh i remember those good old days of shooting in a studio!

  3. Ah, shooting models! Always a fun experience. Look forward to seeing the rest of the photos. Very sharp and she really pops out. Good job with these. :)

  4. Well done. Looks like you had a wicked model to work with!