Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Miss Reema

It's time to show off the lovely Reema! Check out her behind-the-scenes video:

Reema is such a sweetheart. She was a little shy at the beginning of our session, but I worked my charm and got her to relax :) Here are some of my favorite photos from her Contemporary Glamour session.

You have such a beautiful smile, Reema!

I have a feeling that this part was Reema's favorite. She was exuding so much confidence with those poses. Werrrk, girl! :)

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Model: Reema M.
Make Up: Diedre Clement
Photography: Larianne Tide
Video Clips: Roody Tide
Support & Instagram Videos: Jay Dorsainvil


  1. What a gorgeous girl! And beautiful images, once again ;)

  2. Beautiful boudoir portrait! Great idea of showing a video of the behind the scene. =)

  3. That dress looks stunning on her. My favorite image is when she's on her back on the bed, her eyes are just ka-pow!

  4. she's definitely gorgeous! love the fourth image from the top!

  5. Behind the Scenes video! Yes! Big fan of this. :)